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A charity made especially for the well-being of  Mother & Baby.

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Our charity champions change, offering mothers a lifeline of support in times of need.

Welcome to Blossom & Bloom, a vibrant and welcoming charity empowering mothers in need, and ensuring their little ones get the best possible start in life. Stepping into our haven, you’ll be greeted by the delightful sounds of baby giggles and the warm chatter of mothers connecting in a safe and supportive environment.

Since our humble beginnings three years ago, we’ve evolved from addressing emergency accommodation needs to becoming a lifeline for mothers facing various challenges. Despite the struggles they bring through our doors, we have cultivated an atmosphere free of judgment, where sharing life stories, fears and struggles is met with understanding, not consequence.

Our skilled team dives into the heart of issues, proactively tackling them to pave the way for positive change. Through daily free and accessible socialisation drop-in sessions, structured support, specialist well-being courses, and a range of support services. We guide mothers toward building safe, healthy, and prosperous family lives that meet the child’s needs. We understand that hands-on, well-structured, regular, and compassionate support is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and disadvantage that ensnares so many women.

In our short journey since 2020, the Blossom & Bloom Well-being Hub has become a haven for mothers and babies, open every weekday for socialisation and equipped with a social play space. Our on-site accessible café ensures no mother or baby goes hungry, offering a space where bonds are formed over shared meals. We provide training courses to prepare for future development and employment, well-being programs promoting better mental health, building confidence and resilience along with organising enjoyable outings for all our mothers and babies throughout the year.

Education & Training

Our bespoke courses, designed with kindness and encouragement, have proven to be catalysts for life-changing transformations. Our Baby Essentials Swap Shop is a valuable resource for mothers facing financial constraints, ensuring every baby has what they need.

At Blossom & Bloom, we envision a future where all mothers receive the support, they need to give their babies the best start in life. Our journey began in Rhyl in November 2020, guided by a dedicated team of Charity Trustees who govern our actions, and a team of Well-Being Hub Support Assistants who bring our services to life.

We look forward to sharing the details of our next project the “Blossom & Bloom Development Hub” Progress will commence this Spring 2024.

Without work, access to education, and child care, how can mothers meet their children’s essential needs and support?

The Swap Shop

Baby Donations Accepted

Our Baby Swap shop was born out of the idea of sharing baby essentials to recycle, reduce costs for our mums, and recycle for the environment. It became an overnight success, and we receive fantastic support. If you would like to donate a baby essentials item such as steamers, formula, strollers, do get in touch. If you would like support with baby essentials also then do come and visit.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build brighter beginning’s for young mother’s and their babies living in North Wales. We will improve their well-being, keep them safe and enable them to build strong foundations for themselves and their babies.

We rise, we all rise, together.

Emergency Accommodation

The Outreach Project

Community Cohesion

Can You Donate?

You can help to make a positive change for one mother, one baby, one community at a time. By donating £3 will buy a hot drink & breakfast/lunch for one mum and baby in our hub.  £15 will fund a one-hour face-to-face support session for a mum in need in our hub.  £40 will fund 1-hour advocacy service for a vulnerable mum who is involved with statutory services due to safeguarding concerns of their child. £90 will fund an expectant mum-baby box containing essential items for newborns.  Click here to donate and make a difference to your community today.

Our Values

Our founding principles are to support mother’s and babies and provide them with Security, Balance, Opportunities, Honesty, Reliability, Integrity and most of all Kindness.







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