Who We Are

Vicky Welsman

Founder | Operational Manager,  Blossom & Bloom

Meet Vicky, the heart and soul behind Blossom & Bloom!

Driven by her deep empathy for the struggles faced by mothers in Rhyl, Vicky embarked on a mission to provide sanctuary and support when it’s needed most.

With a wealth of experience in aiding vulnerable families, Vicky decided to turn the tide against the challenges they faced. Armed with her expertise, she crafted a program to guide and uplift women through the journey of motherhood in Rhyl.

Vicky’s journey to Blossom & Bloom is a tapestry woven with diverse experiences. From crunching numbers as an accounting technician to patrolling the streets as a police response officer, she’s gained a profound understanding of community needs. Her stint as a community house manager and years as a hands-on support worker further honed her skills in the realm of vulnerable families. Now, all these experiences converge as she leads Blossom & Bloom with the same nurturing care she provides her own family, including her grandchildren.

The seeds of Blossom & Bloom were sown in May 2020 when Vicky, extended a lifeline to homeless mothers and babies. What began as emergency accommodation blossomed into Blossom & Bloom, a beacon of support, guidance, and kindness for all mothers and babies in need.

Vicky’s philosophy? Love life, sprinkle kindness, extend support, and always make time for others. It’s this mantra that fuels her every day in making a positive impact on countless lives.

Joanne Garratt

Well-being Hub Coordinator

Apart from Joanne adoring babies as much as one person can, she is qualified childcare practitioner with over 20 years experience working with mothers and children in Rhyl and Prestatyn.

From the baby room, to 2 to 3-year-olds and the Flying Start children, Joanne is known for her ability to understand and share the feelings of the families she supports. It is a standing joke that often mums with now grown-up children, still keep in touch.

Joanne joined Blossom & Bloom in August 2020 and her experience has played a major part in the development of the charity, initially joining as a trustee and then accepting an employed role.

Jodie Lawler – Homelessness
Well-being Support Officer
Laurie Webster
Well-being Hub Assistant
Ashleigh Greenwood – Safeguarding
Well-being Support Officer
Melanie Du-Preez
Development Hub Coordinator
Lesley Welsman – Cafe
Well-being Hub Volunteer
Andrea Aksoy – Mental & Emotional Health
Well-being Support Officer
Jade Allen
Well-being Support Assistant
Jackie Jones – Swap Shop
Well-being Hub Assistant
Vacant Post – Is This You?
Well-being Hub Volunteer
Kim Patterson – Cafe
Well-being Hub Assistant
Fay Lewis
Well-being Hub Assistant
Sharon Sadler
Well-being Hub Assistant